The Care Fund was closed on August 17, 2011.

A total of $278,000 was recently provided through the Care Fund to assist hospital employees who suffered significantly from the tornadoes and flooding that ravaged various parts of the country during the late spring and summer.  The contributions came from hospitals and other interested individuals and organizations across the country and were used to help a total of 847 individuals, affiliated with 48 hospitals in the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska and Tennessee.

Your contributions made a real difference to hospital employees in need.  THANK YOU!!

The Care Fund Would Like to Thank the Following Contributors

Alabama Society of Healthcare Materiel Management
American Hospital Association
California Association of Hospitals and Health Systems
Cedars- Sinai Medical Center
Capella Healthcare, Inc.
Iowa Hospital Association
American College of Healthcare Executives
Nebraska Hospital Association
Tennessee Hospital Association
Louisiana Hospital Association
North Dakota Health Care Foundation
Massachusetts Hospital Association
Metropolitan Chicago Healthcare Council
Alabama Diversified Health Services
West Virginia Hospital Association
West Virginia Hospital Association Employees
Wisconsin Hospital Association

Many have tried to describe the devastation left in the wake of the tornadoes and flooding that have ravaged the South, but no matter what words are used, they simply don't seem to be enough.  The pain and heartache experienced by thousands across the South has been acutely felt by the hospital family in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska and Tennessee.  Not only were hospital employees faced with the daunting task of triaging and treating hundreds of patients in a matter of hours and comforting family members who feared the worst, but they also experienced their own grief.

While we don't' have an exact count, we know hundreds of hospital employees were directly affected by the tornadoes and flooding that swept the South.  The homes of many were totally destroyed or damaged beyond repair.  Tragically, during the violent tornados, a number of hospital employees lost their lives.  Many others lost family members and close friends.

The Care Fund was established to provide assistance to our family of hospital employees who so desperately need our help.  All the funds raised through this effort will be distributed by hospitals in the affected areas to their employees who need it most. 

About The Care Fund

The Care Fund, administered by the Alabama Hospital Association, was established to provide assistance to hospital employees and their families affected by disasters.  It was first used to help those affected by Hurricane Katrina and is now providing financial assistance to hospital employees impacted by the April 27 tornadoes and flooding that swept through the South.

The Alabama Hospital Association's 501(c)(3) organization will collect and hold contributions in a segregated account awaiting distribution to hospitals.  Each hospital will then identify those employees with the most significant needs and disperse the funds accordingly.  All administrative services are being provided in kind so that 100 percent of your donation will be used to assist hospital employees.

For information about The Care Fund, e-mail or call (800) 489-2542.

How the Funds Will be Distributed

Hospitals are being asked to identify employees that meet the following criteria:

  • Lost their home or had significant property damage
  • Lost an immediate family member
  • Have significant expenses due to injuries
  • Lost their own life (in this case, the funds will be used to assist the surviving family)

Funds collected through The Care Fund will then be divided among the affected hospitals based on the total number of employees.  This allows the hospitals to distribute the funds based on their knowledge of the needs.

If you have questions about the distribution, e-mail or call (800) 489-2542.

Frequently Asked Questions

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